Testimony On Genocide Against The Tutsi

Authors Guidelines


Before writing:
• Identify dates and events that readers will likely want to know about your experience before, during, and after the Genocide against the Tutsi.
While writing (ADRA, 2017):
• Write 6-10 pages text in Kinyarwanda and/or in English, double-spaced, with 12-point font and 1-inch margin. Number lines (Find Page Layout, Click Line Numbers, Choose Continous).
• Write in your own voice: Write as though you're opening your heart to a trusted friend.
• Be revealing: it's important to reveal truths about your experience on Genocide against the Tutsi. Present yourself as a whole person, sharing strengths and weaknesses alike. Don't always cast yourself in a positive light.
• Avoid: terms and phrases that only Rwandese would know, revealing bias toward your subject, heavy judgmentalism, exaggeration of ideas for the sake of emphasis, interpretation of events in modern terms.
• Organize your testimony in Title, Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Attach photos if possible.
After writing (ibid)
• Review your testimony for content, structure, quality, and flow.
1. Content: Imagine that you know nothing about the experience of this person in Genocide against the Tutsi and are reading about him/her for the first time in this testimony. Are you well informed about his/her experience after you read it? Is the testimony clear? Is it logical? Does it flow?
2. Accuracy: Are dates and names accurate? Are other details correct?
3. Structure and flow: Does the testimonial follow a chronological order? Is any life event out of order? Are your ideas logically organized within each paragraph and within the testimony as a whole? Does your writing make sense to both Rwandese and non-Rwandese readership?
4. Quality: Are you concise? Is your sentence structure easy to follow or confusing? Do transitions between sentences and paragraphs make sense? Is your text free from spelling, and grammatical errors?
5. If possible, provide full contacts of two persons who can confirm that your testimony provides a good and true overview of your experience in Genocide against the Tutsi.
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